*Adult supervision is required for archery sports.

We do not provide archery equipment to children without explicit parental approval and acceptance of responsibility.

Traditional Bows and Arrows for Children's Archery

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Recurve Bows

Definition: The a bow with limbs that curve smoothly forward (in reverse to its body) to a noticeable degree, from the center to the tip of each limb, where the bowstring rests on the belly of the limbs when strung.


Definition: A straight or nearly straight bow of five feet or longer (where the string does not lay on the belly of the limbs).

Here at KidBow we focus on simple, fun, durable and low-cost bows and arrows for kids.

Archery bows are available in many sizes and strengths and range from simple to high-tech in both construction and operation. Likewise, equipment prices can vary from affordable to more costly.

Age, size, fitness and purpose determine the choice of a child’s bow.

Please contact us for help in making that decision.