*Adult supervision is required for archery sports.

We do not provide archery equipment to children without explicit parental approval and acceptance of responsibility.

Traditional Bows and Arrows for Children's Archery

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Gloves and Finger Tabs for Young Archers


Single-thickness top grain leather offers durable protection.
Size choices: Small/Medium/Large  
Ships with #60 and #56 and #48 archery kits.



Lets you feel the string with soft, form-fitting, closed-end fingertips. Has elastic insert back for adjustable fit.
Size choices: *X-Small/*Small/*Medium/Large /X-large .


Made in the USA

Made in the USA

Order Order Made in the USA Made in the USA

#54 Child’s Archery Glove

Leather and suede - Elastic at wrist with Velcro® fastener for quick adjustment and release.
Sizes:  Small for 8 to 10 years and Regular 10 years to adult.


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  • Archery shooting Gloves and Fingertabs serve to protect the hand from the repetitive pressure of the bowstring against the soft inner finger.
  • The choice of fingertab or glove is a matter of personal preference and is not essential gear for archery, but they can certainly make the sport more enjoyable.
  • A Fingertab (Tab) is simply a piece of leather with a hole cut in it and shaped to drape evenly over the surface of the inner hand where it meets the bow string. They are made in small, medium and large sizes.
  • Shooting gloves come in a multitude of styles and sizes. We will limit the choices here for the purpose of "youth archery", but please feel free to inquire for other options.

*Best kid sizes

Shooting gloves and fingertabs for Kids

Made in the USA

Made in the USA