*Adult supervision is required for archery sports.

We do not provide archery equipment to children without explicit parental approval and acceptance of responsibility.

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  •  The most obvious rule is: Do not aim a bow at a person, living thing or breakable object.
  • A bow must not be loaded with an arrow unless standing on the shooting line and the signal to start shooting has been given. This is often called out as “All clear” by the supervising person. This means that it’s OK to go ahead and load the arrow and then launch it.
  • When each participant has finished shooting their arrows, they should stand back from the shooting line so the supervisor can clearly see that they have finished.
  •  Only when everyone has finished shooting should the signal to move forward to collect the arrows be given. This is often called out as “All clear” by the supervising person. This means that it’s OK to go ahead for everyone to step up to the target and etrieve arrows.
  • If an arrow or part of equipment is dropped in front of the shooting line while shooting is in progress, it can only be picked up after shooting has stopped.
  • Walk forward to collect the arrows, never run.
  • Keep a eye on the ground for any arrows that may have dropped short of the target and lodged in the ground. Always withdraw the arrows in the opposite direction that they entered, so as not to bend or break the arrow.)
  • Always walk up to the side of the target, so as to not to accidentally walk into the rear of the arrows lodged in the target.
  • One person at a time should withdraw their arrows from the target.

Basic safety rules and precautions for archery

  • When withdrawing arrows from the target, make sure no one is standing in front of the target or in the way of the withdrawn arrows. Withdrawing the arrows may require some force and the arrows may come out suddenly from the target butt and the rear end of the arrow could hit someone standing in front of the target
  • Everyone shooting should help to find any arrows that may have missed the target.
  • When carrying arrows, always hold them to the side pointing DOWN or carry in a quiver and
    never run.
  • Everyone must return to the shooting line and the range checked to make sure no one is behind the target butts or in the safety zone before the signal to commence shooting is given.
  • If any person or animal enters the safety zone while shooting is in progress, the emergency signal must be given and all shooting must stop immediately.
  • Even if a bow is held at full draw and the signal is given, the arrow must not be released. The bow should be pointed at the ground and the bowstring let slowly forward. The arrow should be removed from the bow until the range is clear.
  • Any person failing to abide by the safety rules is endangering themselves or others and should be required to leave the archery range.
  • Allow at least 165 feet ( 50 meters ) behind the target butts as a safety zone for misses or arrows that may deflect off the top of the target butts. When using the stronger draw weight bows  (+20 pounds = + 9 kg.), allow 250 feet (75 meters) for safety. The more clear space behind the target, the better.

See ARCHERY INSTRUCTIONS (pdf) for more rules and general instructions.


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