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*Adult supervision is required for archery sports.

We do not provide archery equipment to children without explicit parental approval and acceptance of responsibility.

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Paper Targets Faces for Kids

  • Targets are one of the three main necessities to the sport of archery (the other two being a bow and some arrows).
  • We offer 5 basic styles of paper targets in various sizes, all printed on high-grade tag stock.
  • Paper target faces can be attached to a backing such as a Styrofoam block or a bale of hay.
  • Target pins are available for secure attachment .
  • See the fun target craft for suction cup arrows


This classic paper target face is the official target for F.I.T.A. Competition.

Available in four sizes.

#4366 (40 cm.) 16" === $1.25 ea.

#P-24 (60 cm.) 24" === $3.00 ea.

#P-80 (80 cm.) 31 1/2" === $4.95 ea.

#P-48 (122 cm.) 48" === $12.50 ea.

#4362 VEGAS 3-SPOT

16” - Official target for Vegas Indoor Tournament.

Nice for variety and a challenge for the kids!

$1.25 each


16” - Official NFAA 40 cm. indoor target face.

$1.25 each


16” - Official NFAA Indoor 5-spot target. Very challenging!

$1.25 each

#4369 NFAA INDOOR 40 CM. FACE #4370 NFAA 5-SPOT TARGET How to Order How to Order

Sure-Loc Target Pin

Press the durable, rust proof Sure-Lok Target Pins in and give them a quarter turn - your target face is locked on tight. Reverse a quarter turn and they pull out easily. 4 inches long.

We recommend that you get 4 (one for each corner of the target) and one more (to get lost!)

$1.25 each

Sure-Loc Target Pin STANDARD 4-COLOR FACE #4362 VEGAS 3-SPOT How to Order How to Order # Paper Targets Faces for Kids