*Adult supervision is required for archery sports.

We do not provide archery equipment to children without explicit parental approval and acceptance of responsibility.

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Paper Targets Faces for Kids

  • Targets are one of the three main necessities to the sport of archery (the other two being a bow and some arrows).
  • We offer 5 basic styles of paper targets in various sizes, all printed on high-grade tag stock.
  • Paper target faces can be attached to a backing such as a Styrofoam block or a bale of hay.
  • Target pins are available for secure attachment .
  • See the fun target craft for suction cup arrows

Classic STANDARD Four Color Target Face

This classic paper target face is the official target for F.I.T.A. Competition.

Available in four sizes.

#4366 (40 cm.) 16" === $1.25 ea.

#P-24 (60 cm.) 24" === $3.00 ea.

#P-80 (80 cm.) 31 1/2" === $4.95 ea.

#P-48 (122 cm.) 48" === $12.50 ea.

#4362 VEGAS 3-SPOT

16” - Official target for Vegas Indoor Tournament.

Nice for variety and a challenge for the kids!

$1.25 each


16” - Official NFAA 40 cm. indoor target face.

$1.25 each


16” - Official NFAA Indoor 5-spot target. Very challenging!

$1.25 each

#4369 NFAA INDOOR 40 CM. FACE #4370 NFAA 5-SPOT TARGET How to Order How to Order

Sure-Loc Target Pin

Press the durable, rust proof Sure-Lok Target Pins in and give them a quarter turn - your target face is locked on tight. Reverse a quarter turn and they pull out easily. 4 inches long.

We recommend that you get 4 (one for each corner of the target) and one more (to get lost!)

$1.25 each

Click for enlargement & detail

Sure-Loc Target Pin STANDARD 4-COLOR FACE #4362 VEGAS 3-SPOT How to Order How to Order #top Paper Targets Faces for Kids How to Order