*Adult supervision is required for archery sports.

We do not provide archery equipment to children without explicit parental approval and acceptance of responsibility.

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Traditional Bows and Arrows for Children's Archery

KidBow bows and arrows for kids
ContactNock point detail

Arrow should be positioned directly BELOW this point

String silencer
(one of a pair shown)

Bow string silencer detail
  • Application of a nock point on the bow string will enhance consistent arrow placement.
  • Silencers provide reduced recoil and a quieter bow.
  • The full set-up provides better and more consistent accuracy and proper arrow fight.
  • Cost is $4.00 for nock point alone or $10.00 for nock point plus silencer application (“full set-up”).
  • Included free with Samick Little Fox, Samick Polaris and Samick Shadow bows.
  • Please request when ordering bow Bear Crusader and Bear Titan bows.

Bow Set-up for Enhanced Performance