*Adult supervision is required for archery sports.

We do not provide archery equipment to children without explicit parental approval and acceptance of responsibility.

Traditional Bows and Arrows for Children's Archery

KidBow bows and arrows for kids

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Children can have hours of safe and enjoyable fun with suction cup arrows.

The suction cup arrows that we sell (#181 & #183) honestly do not stick well to the plain paper target faces that are included in the #34 , #36 and #48 Junior kits.

They need to be aimed at a very smooth surface, such as Plexiglas, which may be purchased at your local craft or hardware store. Great success may be achieved by mounting the paper target face behind a sheet of clear Plexiglass.

Another way to enjoy these suction cup arrows is by decorating empty plastic drink bottles or cans.

These “targets” are then lined up and knocked down with the suction cup rubber tipped arrows.

Children can make their own decorations or may use our fun printable decorations for a creative homemade craft project.

Please don't forget to read, understand and adhere to the BASIC SAFETY RULES FOR ARCHERY.

Basic archery rules for kids

Instructions for Printable homemade suction cup arrow targets:

  • Choose a picture that you'd like to use.
  • Set your printer to "Color".
    *The "DINO" pictures are in black & white and meant to be colored with crayons.
  • Print the picture on plain computer printer paper.
  • Trim your picture to fit around your bottle or can.
  • Tape or glue the paper.
  • Arrange targets at comfortable distance, aim and knock 'em down!
  • Line 'em up and do it again!
  • Keep score if you want.
  • Example Soda Can Targets
  • Go to the the Printable Pictures Library
Print the picture and wrap around an empty plastic bottle or can!Color the dino yourself

Fun Target Game for Suction Cup Arrows

Make this fun craft at home!