Illustration of a TAKEDOWN bow

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Advantages and features of the Takedown bow

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Take-down bow?

The take-down bows offered here at KidBow come in 3 pieces, which are 2 "limbs" and a "handle" (also called a grip or a riser). The 2 limbs (arms) of the bow need to be firmly attached to the handle before shooting it, according to the instructions of the particular bow.

The ADVANTAGE of this is that this style of bow requires less physical space, when taken apart, making it easier to store and transport. This also allows for different limb weights to be attached to the same handle, with the purpose of allowing for a variety of archers to use the same bow or the same shooter to tailor the bow to his or her current strength or need. This can work well in group settings or when a child is becoming stronger and more proficient.

The DISADVANTAGES of the Take-down style are that it is a more complicated set-up and requires planning, forethought and PROPER ASSEMBLY of the bow. Some children may be unable to attach the parts together because of either strength, lack of understanding or carelessness. Also, because it is 3 separate pieces, parts can be lost. ADULT SUPERVISION is especially important with the Take-down bow.